Re: [hispamsx] I search a mailing list japanese for MSX

2002-10-27 09:56:45
Hi Andrea,

Where can I find a Mailing List Japanese for MSX?

Japanese users don't use mailinglists so much as we do, but there are at least 
two active lists:

MSX-Kansai: http://www.egroups.co.jp/groups/msx-kansai, a list focuse on MSX 
users in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara area).
MSX-Friends: http://www.egroups.co.jp/groups/msx-friends, low traffic and with 
too many emulator/PC posts.

But most of the activity is on websites forums/guestbooks/etc. You should take 
a look at the following ones:

http://www.1ch.tv/ (press on the 'MSX' link on the menu on the left).


Javi Lavandeira (ag0ny(_en_)ag0ny(_punto_)com) - http://www.ag0ny.com

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