RE: Publicado parche "BOMBERMAN DELUXE" :)

2004-09-20 18:29:53
VIVA!!! Ahora mismo lo pruebo :)

Un saludo,


PD: Voy a publicar la noticia en msxposse, si no lo has hecho ya antes.

--- En hispamsx(_en_)yahoogroups(_punto_)com, "viejo_archivero" 
Aquí aparece la noticia, así que, ¡a por el parche, chicos!:

Para descargar:

Transcribo el README.TXT:

--- (( English: ))

Bomberman Deluxe for MSX (Bomberman Special patch)
Done by El Viejo Archivero (EVA)

Version 0.99 (r200904)

Well, here you have my first patch!. It's been a long time since I 
wanted to
make this modification. "Bomberman Special", (Hudson, 1986) it's a 
great MSX
version of the classic NES game. The playability is very good, the 
is high and the music sounds great. But although the graphics are 
ported (with the LodeRunner character and a lotta things more), I 
missed some
actual Bomberman series look, you know, the SD cute character, more 
graphics, etc. So here you have "Bomberman Deluxe"!.

What's changed
- Main character sprites.
- Stage tiles.
- Item graphics.
- Bomb graphics.
- Main menu logo.

What's added
- A great Hudson's honey bee logo splash screen
- A cute Bomberman graphic in the game over screen

What's removed
- The 2x2 pixels sprites showing "Special" in the main menu screen.

TODO list
- Some color palette adjustment
- Perhaps an "ending" graphic :)

Final notes
Although it's a nearly final release, there could be some missing 
If you detect something that could be modified, please report it to 
me with
a comment and a screenshot at viejo_archivero@h...

You must apply this patch to "Bomberman Special (1986) (Hudson) 
(GoodMSX), a 32KB MSX ROM file.

Use any IPS application out there to apply the patch.

Don't request the original ROM. Do not include the ROM with this 
patch in
any distribution package.

Bomberman Special, copyright 1986 Hudson Soft.
I'm not related in any way with Hudson Soft.
This patch is strictly fan-work and must be intended as it.
Add-ons done using asMSX (http://www.robsy.net)
Use this patch at your own risk.
Enjoy MSX! :)

This is an EVA production.
Release date: September 19th 2004
Author: Jon Cortazar Abraido (aka El Viejo Archivero)
Special thanx: Eduardo A. Robsy Petrus
Contact: viejo_archivero@h...


A ver si os gusta a todos!. Ya sabéis, se agradecerá cualquier 
comentario (me ha llevado bastante, en serio XD).

Un abrazo,
Jon Cortazar Abraido (aka El Viejo Archivero)

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