adrian mole

2004-10-06 19:15:14
    Hi people, sorry for the english, I still don't feel at easy
writing spanish :)

    Does anyone have a working copy of the game "secret diary of
adrian mole"? I got some disk images from the web, but in all of them
the menus are broken. The game should present you some options, like

1. wash the car
2. feed the dog
3. sleep

    However, I get something like this in some menus:


    The menus are empty and I can't read anything, sometimes it
doesn't even let me choose an option, it just pick an option at random
by itself.

    If someone has a working copy and can send it to me, I would be
very grateful. Thanks!

Ricardo Bittencourt                   http://www.mundobizarro.tk
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