blueMSX 2.4 and blueMSX Launcher 1.3

2005-09-17 14:49:12
blueMSX 2.4 has been released ! 

Main changes in this version extend the features of the emulator in 
different domains : 

- blueMSX had already support for all MSX machines and for some pre-
MSX1 machines like the SVI-318/328 computers and the ColecoVision 
console, it has now support for the first Sega console, the SG-1000. 

This addition comes from Ricardo Bittencourt, a well-known and very 
talented Brazilian programmer, who has rejoined the blueMSX 
developer's team. 

- A new synchronisation mode has been added, it is linked to the PC 
Vertical Blank and does a linear interpolation of the MSX frames to 
match the PC monitor frequency. 

It allows to get a video result that is almost as smooth as on a 
real MSX, but requires a very powerful PC and a videocard that 
supports this mode. 

- The audio mixer is now, like the keyboard editor, a theme-written 
plugin and appears in an apart draggable window. 

This evolution of the emulator is a first step to prepare a future 
Linux version. To reach this goal, more code must indeed become free 
from the Windows OS. 

Which are the other changes ? 

In the emulator : 
- Added support for MSX-MIDI OUT in generic Turbo-R machines and in 
Panasonic FS-A1GT, with checkbox to map the MT-32 instruments to 
General MIDI 
- Added support for the mapper and the soundchip (VLM5030) of the 
Konami Keyboard Master, an unreleased and rare cartridge 
- Improved SCC emulation to support the NYYRIKKI's sample players 
- Rewrote completely the interrupt support 
- Added support for renewed CAS and DSK databases in XML format with 
SHA1 values 
- Extended the CAS database with new entries and with data for the 
corresponding WAV files 
- Added support for Chinese language (Chinese Simplified and Chinese 
- Added 5 new generic MSX machines : MSX1 Arabic, MSX1 French, MSX1 
Russian, MSX1 Spanish, MSX2 Swedish 
- Added the RS232 rom in all generic MSX machines 
- Improved the SVI memory management
- Added support for the SVI-603 Coleco game adapter 
- Added 2 SVI-328 machines with second video card (80 columns) 
- Fixed different bugs 

In the debugger : 
- Added support for Chinese and Korean languages 
- Added a window with list of values in the I/O ports 
- Added a window to read and edit values of peripheral registers 
(VDP and PSG) 
- Added saving of a disassembly in a text file 
- Added saving of the memory in a binary file 

In the tracer : 
- Added support for Chinese and Korean languages 

You can find this emulator here : 

On the resource page of the blueMSX site, you can also find the 
version 1.3 of the blueMSX Launcher, that has support for the SHA1 
values used in the different databases.

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