MRC Challenges on MSX Valley

2005-10-15 12:27:03
MRC Challenges on MSX Valley

Since 2003, the MSX Resource Center starts different challenges to 
promove the MSX Revival. This excellent initiative has proven the 
vitality of the MSX community as he has given some very interesting 
demos and games.

You can now find on MSX Valley zipped disk images that are ready to 
be runned in your preferred emulator. It concerns the demos of the 
following challenges : Scroll and Logo, Snowfall, Under Water and 
Bounce. All the demos are illustrated by screenshots and in some 
cases, you can also download MP3 files.

All the MP3 files are the result of the conversion of WAV files 
created by using the blueMSX emulator. The format of the screenshots 
is the small blueMSX format (272x240), even if some screenshots have 
been made on another emulator.

Other MRC challenges will follow in the future on MSX Valley.


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