blueMSX 2.6

2006-09-17 06:08:13
Version 2.6 of blueMSX has been released !

blueMSX is the first freeware emulator to support the Game Reader, a
device that allows an user to play real MSX cartridges on a PC.
blueMSX is using Vincent van Dam's API to access the Game Reader
device. The support requires the Game Reader hardware and official
drivers that can be purchased from Sunrise or MSX-ASSOCIATION. 

Note that the support is very different from MSXPLAYer and some
cartridges will not run as well as with the MSXPLAYer.

Another surprising new feature is support for ObsoNET, the only
Ethernet solution for MSX, developed by Daniel Berdugo. Read carefully
the manual as this support requires to install first WinPCap, the
Windows Packet Capture Library. 

After many requests from gamers, the emulator comes finally with input
event logging, replay and AVI rendering. Conceived as enhanced save
states, this great feature gives to the user a more complete MSX
experience ! :)

blueMSX 2.6 has also support for the Sega SC-3000 and SF-7000
computers, that were very close to the MSX1 system without being

Which are the other changes ?

- Added support for low resolution in fullscreen mode
- Added SVI printer support
- Added selection of video in grabber
- Added support for Sony Playball roms with digitized speech
- Added support for MegaCart(R), a new type of Coleco rom
- Added dutch version of the user manual
- Fixed crash caused by video grabber card
- Made video grabber unload if not selected (in 2.5, the grabber was
always enabled)
- Fixed NMI bug in z80 emulation causing some Coleco games to fail running
- Fixed detection of Sega rom types in menus and dialogs
- Fixed bug in screen 10 vertical border color
- Fixed header of PNG screenshots
- Fixed bug in the S1985 device that caused emulator to crash when
debugger was open.
- Fixed the joystick button triggers for the SVI joystick
- Fixed bug in the I8250 UART used in SVI-328 that caused emulator to hang
- Fixed SVI-328 PPI bug
- Fixed default rom mapper handling
- Changed default width of the memory window in the debugger to 16 bytes
- Fixed some printer emulation bugs
- Fixed save state in R-Type rom mapper so it doesn't crash the emulator
- VDP timers are now saved correctly in save states
- Updated MSX Printer emulation to include a static font
- Fixed screen 6 sprites
- Fixed CC sprite bug that made CC sprites visible even if no non CC
sprite was present
- Fixed sprite collision index in Status Register 0 for screen 5-8 sprites
- Fixed bug related to CC sprites (having the attribute "Mix color
with sprite that has next higher priority")

You can find this emulator here :


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