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2007-01-02 19:28:32
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Yo es la primera vez que veo algo de ese juego, pero por lo 
poquito que se 
ve tiene q estar bien, yo el que como mucha gente habra jugado, 
prove la 
primera parte del juego con un scroll, brusco pero que estaba muy 

A todo esto tanto Wonder Boy como Adventure Island se parecen 
demasiado, son 
diferentes juegos o un mismo juego con distinto nombre y 
diferentes sprites?

Un saludo.

Son el mismo juego... según HUDSON (Adventure Island) o SEGA 
(Wonderboy, que es el juego original) :D. Pero luego tuvieron 
distintas partes y continuaciiones.

Como pone en WIKIPEDIA:


Name change

For trademark reasons, Hudson Soft renamed the game, and revamped 
the main character to be Takahashi Meijin, who is executive of 
Hudson Soft. In the English language version they dubbed him "Master 
Higgins". Wonder Boy, Adventure Island, and Revenge of Drancon (the 
latter title was used on the American release of the Sega Game Gear 
version, because a Wonder Boy sequel had already been released on 
the system) are essentially the same game. Adventure Island's stage 
design more closely resembles that of the Wonder Boy arcade version 
than the Sega Master System version; the SMS version of Wonder Boy 
featured, on every fourth area, original world designs that are not 
found in either the Wonder Boy arcade version or Adventure Island.



Escape teamed up with Hudson Soft to produce a conversion of the 
game for the NES, but ran into legal difficulties when it emerged 
that Sega owned the rights to the Wonder Boy name. With Sega and 
Nintendo in direct competition at the time, it was unlikely that 
Sega would be so willing to allow a major rival to use one of their 
most valuable intellectual property assets.

To get around this hurdle, Hudson Soft simply had the graphics of 
the main character and the title changed. The result was Adventure 
Island, which instead of featuring Tom-Tom, featured a character 
known as Master Higgins, who bore a striking resemblance to Tom-Tom, 
albeit with a hat. The game was, however, Wonder Boy in all but 
name. It was later ported to the MSX. Following that, the sequels to 
Adventure Island and the sequels to Wonder Boy were from then on 
completely unrelated.

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