Passion MSX community site launches its English version

2007-03-19 01:11:53
19 March 2007
Passion MSX community site launches its English version.
Initially conceived as a website for the French MSX community, Passion
MSX extends its reach by offering all its content in English on top of
the already existing french version and has concluded a partnership
with MSX Posse to share news and content. Also, The MSX Games bOX
(launched 1998) has been integrated in the site, especially for
historic reasons, as it can be viewed as a first step to the creation
of Passion MSX.

Passion MSX's aim is to be passionate about MSX and to offer the
international MSX community a nice place to visit to share information
and experiences evolving around this great 8-bit computer.

To take full advantage of the site contents and get special
privileges, visitors need to register.

News: The latest hot MSX news around.
Reviews: In-depth coverage of games, hardware, events
MSX Goodies: Demos, Music, Videos, Game Boxes to make yourself ...
just full of good things for your real or emulated MSX!
Gallery: MSX Museum, artworks, events, maps
Forum: the place to discuss programming, games, emulation
Chatroom: simple but yet effective tool to discuss online with other fans.
Classified Ads: Sell, Buy, Exchange MSX software and hardware
The Map: find MSX users nearby you
Quizzzzzz!: test your MSX knowledge
Radio: 100% MSX
Links: The best sites to visit

Privileges, members can:
Participate actively: react to news or reviews, start forum topics,
rate pictures, place ads...
Contribute to the content of Passion MSX: submit news, write reviews,
upload pictures, create their own gallery.

The best way to feel all this is to register and join the already 300+
french speaking members!

See you soon on Passion MSX !

SuperCobra and mars2000


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