blueMSX 2.8.1

2009-05-03 12:11:26
A new version of the great emulator blueMSX is available !

This version comes with many bugfixes and some nice additions. 
Here's the complete list of changes : 

- Added a virtual MSX2 console based on the Korean Haesung console 
- Added the Bit Corporation Dina console (Coleco part with built-in game) 
- Added support for 16kB, 32kB, 48kB and 64kB external ram cartridges 
- Added support for Joyrex PSG module 
- Added support for PSG pin 6/7 quirk 
- Added support for VR bit in VDP register 8 
- Added support for Nowind MSXDOS1 and MSXDOS2 disk rom in Special cartridge 
- Added new machine configurations, including Frael Bruc 100 (1st version) and 
Philips VG-8000/8010/8010F 
- Added 23 new cheats 
- Updated several machine configurations 
- Extended the manual section about the keyboard
- Fixed SVI M1 wait state 
- Fixed ColecoVision Keyboard read error 
- Fixed ColeceVision PSG noise bug 
- Fixed DirectX initialization bug 
- Fixed V9958 Scroll masking bug in Screen 4 (introduced in 2.8)
- Fixed Screen 2 scroll bug 
- Fixed R15 PSG register read 
- Fixed bug in VDP line engine 
- Fixed bug in Obsonet write method 
- Fixed bug in Harryfox rom mapper 
- Fixed bug in Crossblaim rom mapper 
- Fixed bug in Korean bootleg rom mapper 
- Made bluemsxlite compile on Mac OSX 
- Fixed bug in Arkanoid Pad emulation 
- Fixed addressing bug in R-Type mapper 
- Fixed x/y flags on scf/ccf instructions
- Fixed instructions ld a,i or ld a,r to handle interrupts correctly


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