blueMSX Launcher 1.6

2009-05-31 11:59:24
A new version of this cool front-end for blueMSX is available !

Here's the list of the new features :
- added a new tool to rename rom, disk and tape files to 8.3 format,
launcher or blueMSX database name
- added right-click menu with options to move selection to a different
database and show properties
- expanded SHA1 calculator tool to be a tool for finding games and
applications in launcher or blueMSX databases by SHA1 code
- added ability to filter database by ROM, Disk, Tape or Hard Disk
- added ability to make multiple selections in the current database to
perform operations
- added ability to create a new empty database quickly
- added ability to set machine for all or some of the entries in a

You can find this front-end on the Resource page of the famous
emulator's website !


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