Re: [hispamsx] The symbiosis Passion MSX - MSX blue

2009-10-06 16:42:16
It is nice to hear that MSX is still live in France.

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 1:31 AM, mars2000you <mars2000(_en_)skynet(_punto_)be> 

For the first time in the MSX history on Internet, two bilingual (English –
French) websites are conceived in perfect symbiosis, in a way that each site
has its originality but also that both sites are alternative and
complementary to each other.

You will find the originality of each site not only in its layout and the
very different features (Passion MSX is under Xoops, MSX blue is under
WordPress), but also in exclusive contents for each site :

* Passion MSX : the picture gallery, the cheats, the classified ads, the
manuals, the publications, the game boxes, the pub videos, the PC Goodies,
the reviews that are not about games

* MSX blue : the MP3 files (and later other surprises !) – from now on, the
MP3 files of the Impact songs are only available on MSX blue.

On the contrary, both sites will give most of the infos and share what can
be found in DSK, CAS or ROM format (demos, games, diskmagazines, music
disks, tools) and the reviews about games.

SuperCobra and mars2000 hope so that they will give even more fun to the
MSX community !



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