blueMSX Launcher 1.8

2010-01-01 04:28:25
A new version of this cool front-end for blueMSX (and now also openMSX) is 
available !

Here's the list of the new features :
- added basic support for launching openMSX in the right-click menu
- added search functionality for games and programs stored in Launcher databases
- added system (MSX, SVI, Coleco and Sega) to the available filters
- added reset button to the filters Window to quickly return to defaults
- added "Captures" tab to the properties Window to show number of game related 
files captured by blueMSX (quick saves, screenshots, audio and video captures) 
with the ability to view the files on Windows Explorer
- added file size to the Launcher tab in the properties Window
- added ability to open the Launcher entry file (ROM, Disk, Tape or Hard Disk) 
on Windows Explorer in the right-click menu
- added ability to select all entries in currently selected Launcher database 
in the right-click menu
- renamed 'Type' filter to 'Medium'
- fixed some minor bugs

You can find this front-end on the Resource page of the famous emulator's 
website !


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