MSX Solutions tera update

2010-03-19 15:19:05
Big surprise ! The best website of MSX games maps gives you still more fun with 
a tera update which includes no less than 20 additions (some of them are 
walkthroughs) !!!

Here's the complete list of the concerned games :

Boulder Dash (Comptiq, 1986)
Bumpy (Loriciels, 1989)
Deep Forest (Xain, 1987)
Don Quijote - Part I (Dinamic, 1987)
Eggerland Mystery (Hal, 1985)
El Capitan Trueno - Part II (Dinamic, 1989)
Ganbare Goemon - Samurai (Konami, 1987)
Inspecteur Z (Hal, 1986)
King Kong 2 (Konami, 1986)
King's Valley II MSX2 (Konami, 1988)
Last Mission MSX2 (Opera Soft, 1987)
Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro (Toho, 1987)
Lupin III - The Legend of The Gold of Babylon (Toho, 1988)
Ninja Jaja Maru kun (Jaleco, 1986)
Penguin Kun Wars (Ascii, 1985)
Penguin Kun Wars 2 (Ascii, 1988)
Super Boy 3 (Zemina, 1991)
The Munsters (Gremlin, 1988)
The Stone of Wisdom (Casio, 1986)
Youma Kourin (Falcon, 1989)

It should satisfy all the MSX game fans ! Cheers to Fabio for his excellent 
work !


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