1600 Goodies on Passion MSX !!!

2010-07-26 02:01:53
The Goodies of Passion MSX are still increasing, especially with Django 
translations and scans of game manuals made by our Spanish and Brazilian 
friends, even if a part of the MP3 files has migrated to our associated 
website, MSX blue.

Here's the detailed content : 141 game boxes, 95 MSX1 demos, 391 MSX2 demos,35 
MSX2+ demos, 21 Turbo-R demos, 1 diskmagazine, 9 PC Goodies, 204 MSX1 games, 
137 MSX2 games, 4 MSX2+ games, 3 Turbo-R games, 75 magazines, 144 game manuals, 
26 other manuals, 170 music disks, 66 MP3 files, 65 utilities and 24 videos.

Enjoy !



Our associated website :


Both websites are bilingual (English - French) with news, goodies, reviews, 
forums, private messagery, chat (only on MSX blue) and more ...


The Passion MSX and MSX blue teams. 

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