blueMSX Launcher 1.10

2010-10-25 00:15:11
A new version of this cool front-end for blueMSX (and also openMSX) is 
available !

Here's the list of the new features :
- added support for setting MSX generation, sound chip and genre for games and 
added ability to import data from a database based on data from Generation-MSX 
- added support for setting company, year and country data for games that don't 
have entries in blueMSX database (such as disks)
- added icons to game names in the list to indicate ROM, Disk, Tape or Hard Disk
- added favorites support
- improved performance of filtering and search-by-SHA1 by introducing caching
- allowed the filters to be set in the main window by providing a dropdown list 
on the filter box
- allowed games to be started by pressing 'Enter' and removed by pressing 'Del' 
- added German to the list of supported languages
- allowed the user info file to be started by its default viewer
- many more minor changes

You can find this front-end on the Resource page of the famous emulator's 
website !


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