blueMSX Launcher 1.11

2010-12-05 20:57:48
A new version of this cool front-end for blueMSX (and also openMSX) is 
available !

Here's the list of the new features :
- set the screenshots for profiles using a supplied directory containing 
screenshots for more than 1100 games and programs
- modified the "Fill Database" and "Drag and Drop" features to sync a launcher 
database to hard disk by skipping items that exist in the database already
- show total number of known dumps for ROMs and list the ones found in the 
launcher (accessible through the right-click menu)
- added more ROMs and a few disks to the included extra-data.dat file
- fixed a bug where the launcher was sometimes crashing after using the "Import 
Extra Profile Data" feature
- fixed a bug where an error window saying "initialize cache" was poping up 
after changing blueMSX path in the settings

Besides, Fabio Albergaria of MSX Solutions has provided a giant file with 
screenshots for more than 1100 games and programs !

You can find this front-end and its bonus on the Resource page of the famous 
emulator's website !



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