• Mutiny Community (beta)

    From Divarin@VERT/MUTINY to All on Thu Feb 10 13:01:26 2022
    <Divarin> Hey Frogger, how should we tell people about Community?
    <Frogger> I don't know, post it on some boards?
    <Divarin> Yeah but what should we say about it? Just call it?
    <Frogger> nah say its a chat. but, it's ... you know ... persistent
    <Divarin> so it's a message base?
    <Divarin> so it's another bbs that has chat rooms and message bases?
    <Frogger> no man, the chat rooms *ARE* message bases :)
    <Divarin> or the message bases are chats. depending on how you look at it. <Frogger> it's real simple. it's a chat but you can read (and therefore respond to) messages that were sent before you logged in, weather they're minutes old or months/years. And after you log off you don't have to worry about missing anything because when you log back in later you can catch up
    <Divarin> I guess that sums it up.
    <Frogger> But of course you gotta let people know how to get to it! mutinybbs.com:2300
    <Divarin> yeah, and it supports ansi and petscii as well as straight up boring ascii.
    <Frogger> and works great for really old retro systems even at 300 baud :) <Divarin> Hey, you know what, I think we just did a BBS ad!
    <Frogger> Yay!

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