• VGA Planets - New Game Starting April 7th!!!

    From Crushed@VERT/T0KERZ to All on Thu Mar 31 10:20:43 2022

    Proudly brought to you by t0kerZ hUt!!

    New Game Starting April 7th!! .
    Victory Condition : Tantalus Machine
    3 Races Still Avail : Fascists Xtals Robots

    Sign up today!! telnet://t0kerZ.ddns.net
    Game Details:
    Buried deep in the heart of Wayne's World (Planet #12) at the center of
    the Echo Cluster is a super weapon that is powerful enough to kill any race
    the owner desires, the Tantalus Machine!!! It takes 20 turns to
    set up a computer system on the surface that is able to activate the weapon.
    Players get one point for each turn that they control the planet. The first
    player with 20 points turns on the machine and is then able to kill enemy
    races at will (one race per turn). Points are cumulative and permanent, and
    you must be in control of Wayne's World to use the device.

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