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    From Cozmo@VERT/LUN to All on Sat Sep 2 16:23:00 2023
    *********************************** * L U N A T I C S U N L E A S H E DW E E K 1W E E K 1 Lunatics Unleashed is running a weekly NFL FOOTBALL Pick'em Pool forthe 2023 season. The first weeks games are on Sunday Sept. 10th and Mondaythe 11th. (No Thurday Games). The Pool will close for that week atMidnight Saturday the 9th. So get your picks in before then.Come show us your NFL pick'em Skills!The pool is located in the Local Section of the Game Room.telnet://LunaticsUnleashed.ddns.net:2333|02-=|10Cozmo|02=-... Message encrypted: Press ALT-F4 to read encoded message--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A48 (Windows/32) * Origin: Lunatics Unleashed BBS
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    Re: [ANSI] NFL Football Pick' By: Cozmo to All on Sat Sep 02 2023 04:23 pmThis is my least favorite sportsball season because you hear the most about it:D--- Synchronet TIRED of waiting 2 hours for a taco? GO TO TACOPRONTO.bbs.io