• New QWK BBS Network: Revertive Pulse

    From Kurisu@VERT/FINALZON to All on Sun Jan 28 11:16:24 2024
    Hello everyone!

    In the interest of just seeing **if** I could actually succeed in getting such to work, as well as a desire to contribute to the greater networked BBS subculture I've created a small QWK based network called Revertive Pulse.

    While it is ostensibly focused on phone phreak culture, my intent is that it can be just another general space in the BBS sphere for people with the kind of mindset that phone phreaks have, if that makes sense.

    The infopack can be downloaded from revertivepulse.net/RPNETNFO.zip . It is hosted from my primary BBS, Final Zone, and has been tested to work so, should any sysop out there wish to carry the network it should be, for lack of a better term, plug and play.

    FTN is planned but I will want to get a better grasp on such before I commit to adding it.

    I'd be happy to have anyone even remotely interested in the subject set up an account on the hub and help the network grow!



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