• BeeBS The BBC Micro hosted BBS

    From Vela 025@VERT/BEEBSII to All on Thu Mar 28 12:54:33 2024
    Just a quick plug for BeeBS the Worlds only VT100/VT52/ANSI/Teletext BBS running a modified version of OBBS (1984) on an Acorn BBC Master 128 (1986). Connection info can be found at beebs.ddns.net along with different connection methods you can use for the various interfaces (VT100/ANSI/Teletext).

    You can change your terminal settings by selecting T from the main menu. When asked, for almost all connections you will want linefeeds ON and remember you can't use Mode 7 (teletext graphics) and ANSI at the same time they are two different things. Unless you're using a client linked on beebs.ddns.net or a real BBC Micro/Master/Archimedes it will not support Mode 7 so you should select N for both these options.

    All the connection info you need including connecting from your Beeb is at beebs.ddns.net

    If you checked in a few months ago then there's been quite a few updates (including stability) since then so it would be great to see you back again!


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