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    Re: Re: Reading QWK files und„ By: Vk3jed to Brokenmind on Sat Nov 02 2019 10:05 pm„„ Br>> I had someone on a BBS when i was in the 4th or 5th grade that would„ Br>> have come„ Br>> to house and picked me up and took me to a motel so I could see real„ Br>> porn and quote "Mabey we can mess around" I'm so thankfull I did not„ Br>> take that person up on there offer...Also when i was around that age„ Br>> I was hit up by an adult multi times on a synchronet system from the„ Br>> bay area and I actually contacted the SysOp and was told that he had„ Br>> been doing this to a number of young people and he said he would„ Br>> look into it.... BBS could be a dangerous place and the internet is„ Br>> even worse. „„ Vk> Never had any of those issues with our users AFAIK. But we didn't run chat„ Vk> (kinda pointless with only one line), and in those days, the sysop was„ Vk> able to read all messages, including private ones - today's software has„ Vk> capabilities unheard of back then.„„yes thankfull there are better features and security but the internet is still a dangerous place for kids. I actually was a part of a group of volunters that worked to take down online predators in the early 2005. I also knew a few members also from Perverted Justice that was on Dateline to catch a predator. i was a volunter that got involved after someone went after my daughter when she was 14. But again i had her computer rigged to alert me and caught it before it got out of hand and beacuse of the laws of were i lived at the time law enforcement declined to go after the perp long story I got invloved with said group and we exposed him to his friends family and worked. turned out he was a volunter first responder on top of it.„„BrokenMind„„---„ Ģ Synchronet„
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    Re: Re: Reading QWK files und„ By: Moondog to Brokenmind on Sat Nov 02 2019 11:25 am„„ Mo> I wish transcripts were easily available, because others who had plead„ Mo> guilty had much lower sentences, such as 9 months.„ Mo> guilty had much lower sentences, such as 9 months.„I here ya i don't have any trust in the justice system now. though I know a lot of Good people that are first responders including Law Enforcemnet but then again there are always bad apples out there..„„brokenmind„„---„ Ģ Synchronet„