• FMail AreaMgr status repo

    From Digital Man@VERT to Matthew Blocker on Mon May 1 12:07:49 2023
    Re: FMail AreaMgr status repo„ By: FMail AreaMgr to Matthew Blocker on Sat Apr 29 2023 02:08 pm„„ > FMail AreaMgr status report for 21:3/140 on 21:1/10„„Looks like you have something misconfigured somehwere. :-)„-- „ digital man (rob)„„Rush quote #61:„He's a rebel and a runner, he's a signal turning green .. New World Man„Norco, CA WX: 59.2ÝF, 89.0% humidity, 0 mph SW wind, 0.07 inches rain/24hrs„---„ Ģ Synchronet Ģ Vertrauen Ģ Home of Synchronet Ģ [vert/cvs/bbs].synchro.net„