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    From Rob Swindell (on Debian Linux)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Sat May 6 12:56:09 2023
    https://gitlab.synchro.net/main/sbbs/-/commit/dabd649e1563f0919a7cedb8ăModified Files:ă src/sbbs3/download.cpp inkey.cpp main.cpp sbbs.h sbbsdefs.hăLog Message:ăPerform input translation (e.g. DEL<->BKSPC, PETSCII chars) in input_thread()

    My first idea was to have a per-external-program setting to enable input translation, but Deuce suggested it would be better done in input_thread() and after some thought, I agree. Translations are not done in data/file transfer mode, so use the CON_RAW_IN console flag to indicate this condition. So even
    JS console.getbyte() will return a translated char unless the console is set raw input mode (this could be surprising behavior for some!).

    I considered saving/restoring the console mode when performing a file transfer but will leave that to a time when obviously needed.

    This fixes issue #497 in automatic way (no option needed).ă---ă ț Synchronet ț Vertrauen ț Home of Synchronet ț [vert/cvs/bbs].synchro.netă