• src/conio/bitmap_con.c win32gdi.c x_events.c

    From Deucе@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Fri Jun 9 15:23:06 2023
    Modified Files:
    src/conio/bitmap_con.c win32gdi.c x_events.c
    Log Message:
    Fix issue with bitmap_drv_init_mode()

    Because bitmap_get_scaled_win_size() was being clamped to maxsize,
    no matter how much mult was incremented, w and h would never be
    larger than maxwidth/maxheight and only under exceptional
    circumstances would the be equal, which would result in an infinite

    While we're here, set the integer scaling value so we're not chasing
    ulps all over the place with floating point math/scaling when we
    don't need to.

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