• src/sbbs3/chat.cpp execfunc.cpp inkey.cpp telgate.cpp

    From Rob Swindell (on Windows)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Mon Sep 25 16:36:18 2023
    https://gitlab.synchro.net/main/sbbs/-/commit/f124ffe98125ec1115874f9a„Modified Files:„ src/sbbs3/chat.cpp execfunc.cpp inkey.cpp telgate.cpp„Log Message:„Use On/Off text.dat strings instead of (soon to be deprecated) ON/OFF strings„„There are other ways to generate forced-upper case expanded @-codes, if that's„what you want.„„Fewer duplicates in text.dat make localization, translation to other languages„easier.„---„ Ģ Synchronet Ģ Vertrauen Ģ Home of Synchronet Ģ [vert/cvs/bbs].synchro.net„