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    From Deucе@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Fri Dec 29 09:38:59 2023
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    3rdp/build/GNUmakefile src/syncterm/ssh.c
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    Allow retrying SSH client auth.

    If you initially try private key auth for example, allow retrying
    with password auth and vice-versa. This is needed for reasonable
    fallback from private-key auth since we don't know in advance
    which will work, and we don't want to disconnect an reconnect.

    This takes the guardrails of adding a password. Previously, it was
    ensured that a password was always added immediately after a username.
    This is to ensure when using the server for example and stuffing a
    list full of all the user/pw pairs, each pw goes with a user.

    Instead of returning an error, this now allows adding passwords
    without a corrsponding user that won't be used, and there will be
    no indication of why.

    Death Star mode for this feature is better than not having fallback
    in my opinion.

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