• src/xpdev/rwlockwrap.c rwlockwrap.h wraptest.c

    From Deucе@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Thu Jan 18 09:15:47 2024
    Modified Files:
    src/xpdev/rwlockwrap.c rwlockwrap.h wraptest.c
    Log Message:
    Fix rwlock_unlock() and rwlock_rdlock() recursion.

    It would be nice to use TLS for the recusrion counter, but on Windows,
    it looks like TLS in threads created after the object is created is uninitialized, so we would need some kind of thread start hook thingie
    which just seems like too much work.

    Instead, rely on the old standby single-linked list to track.

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