• src/conio/cterm.c src/encode/utf8.c utf8.h src/sbbs3/ansiterm.cpp bat_

    From Rob Swindell (on Windows 11)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Fri Jan 19 22:47:50 2024
    Modified Files:
    src/conio/cterm.c src/encode/utf8.c utf8.h src/sbbs3/ansiterm.cpp bat_xfer.cpp src/sbbs3/ctrl/MainFormUnit.cpp MainFormUnit.h src/sbbs3/execnet.cpp file.cpp filedat.h findstr.c findstr.h fixsmb.c getctrl.c getctrl.h getmail.c getmail.h getstats.c getstats.h ident.c ident.h js_archive.c js_file.c js_filebase.c js_global.c js_internal.c js_msg_area.c js_msgbase.c js_queue.c js_socket.c js_user.c jsexec.c load_cfg.c load_cfg.h logfile.cpp mailsrvr.h main.cpp mime.c mime.h mqtt.c mqtt.h msg_id.c msg_id.h netmail.cpp newuser.cpp node.c nopen.c nopen.h ntsvcs.c pktdump.c sauce.h sbbs.h sbbs_ini.c sbbs_ini.h sbbscon.c sbbsecho.h src/sbbs3/scfg/scfg.c scfg.h scfgsrvr.c src/sbbs3/scfgdefs.h scfglib.h scfglib1.c scfglib2.c scfgsave.c scfgsave.h services.c slog.c ssl.h startup.h str_util.c str_util.h telnet.c telnet.h trash.c trash.h src/sbbs3/umonitor/spyon.c src/sbbs3/userdat.c userdat.h websrvr.c websrvr.h xtrn.cpp src/sftp/sftp.h src/smblib/smbadd.c smballoc.c smbdefs.h smbhash.c smblib.c smblib.h smbtxt.c src/xpdev/dat_file.c dat_file.h dirwrap.c dirwrap.h gen_defs.h genwrap.c genwrap.h ini_file.c ini_file.h link_list.c link_list.h msg_queue.c msg_queue.h multisock.c multisock.h rwlockwrap.c rwlockwrap.h semfile.c semfile.h sockwrap.c sockwrap.h str_list.c str_list.h threadwrap.c threadwrap.h xpbeep.c xpbeep.h xpdatetime.c xpdatetime.h
    Log Message:
    The great BOOL->bool conversion in xpdev

    Still using BOOL where we need Win32 API compatibility.
    Using JSBool instead of BOOL or bool where it matters.
    Changed most relevant TRUE/FALSE to true/false too (though it's not as critical).

    You shouldn't need to #include <stdbool.h> anywhere now - gen_defs.h should do that automatically/correctly based on the language/version/tool. In C23, stdbool.h isn't even needed for bool/true/false definitions (they're keywords), so we don't bother including stdbool.h in that case.
    Microsoft didn't define __STDC_VERSION__ in their older tool chains (even though they were C99 compatible and had stdbool.h), so we use a _MSC_VER check to know that there's a stdbool.h we should use in that case.

    For other/old compilers (e.g. Borland C) we #define bool/true/false following the pattern of stdbool.h (doesn't use a typedef).

    I didn't convert UIFC yet.

    This addresses issue #698

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