• exec/tests/crypt/cert.js cryptcon.js exec/tests/file/popen.js exec/tes

    From Deucе@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Mon Feb 5 20:42:48 2024
    Added Files:
    exec/tests/crypt/cert.js cryptcon.js exec/tests/file/popen.js exec/tests/global/alert.js beep.js ctrl.js exit.js exit_subproc.sjs file_getname.js load.js load_background.sjs load_define.sjs load_return.sjs log.js mswait.js printf.js random.js sound.js sound.wav time.js write.js writeln.js yield.js exec/tests/test.js
    Log Message:
    Since we're doing JS tests, add the JS test suite.

    Various bits needed to be hacked up a bit since it was written for
    a newer JS standard, but it's at least 11 better than 42.

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