• src/conio/ciolib.manifestsrc/conio/GNUmakefile ciolib.rc win32gdi.c sr

    From Deucе@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Sun Feb 18 07:14:55 2024
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    src/conio/GNUmakefile ciolib.rc win32gdi.c src/syncterm/GNUmakefile
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    As it turns out, setting high DPI awareness in the process fails.

    Presumably, "something" is setting it earlier so it can't be set
    again because reasons. To work around this, add a manifest to
    ciolib library that asserts the binary is DPI aware and requests
    Windows not do GDI scaling.

    Not sure if manifest .o files in a lib are linked in by things, but
    SyncTERM pulls the .o out and explicitly links it, so this should
    fix SyncTERM at least.

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