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    From Rob Swindell (on Debian Linux)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Sun Jun 9 18:52:09 2024
    Modified Files:
    exec/load/logonlist_lib.js exec/logonlist.js
    Log Message:
    Log the current connection protocol as a separate property in logon.jsonl

    Accession reported that (sometimes?) his NNTP logins show up in his
    logon.jsonl files. This is most likely just a race condition when logging
    in close to the same time with multiple protocols (e.g. Telnet and NNTP
    in this case). So, let's log the client.protocol as a separate JSON property and not require on the user.connection property (which is overwritten for *every* login, for almost all connection/server types, not just the terminal server). The client.protocol is always correct for the current session running the script.

    An NNTP login should never appear in the logon.json file.

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