Re: Programa BUENISIMO cas2disk!!!!!!

2000-02-28 08:40:00
I want to excuse me for all the people who wait the program CAS2DISK. I'm
looking for into all my disk (over 2000) and, when I found it, I upload it
into the area.
The program can read all MSX tape and download his contents on a MSX disk
(360 or 720 Kb). It works on every MSX (1, 2, 2+ and Turbo R) and it's more
simple to use.
You must to start the program, then start the tape reader and the program
will save the contents of the tape on the disk. It will display the header
and if the program on the tape is basic or binary written.
I promise u I upload as soon as.

Italian greetinx
Freesoft MSX Club Rome
ICQ ID: 8810808

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