Aclaración de Sunrise

2000-06-06 22:25:24
To all readers,

Officially there has never been spoken about the subject of the new
MSX-computer as suggested above either with
Leonardo Padial and/or Stichting Sunrise.
We have taken a meal together with Mr. Ikeda and other representatives from
Japan.But no single word to what is really all about.
If we want discuss this kind of matters we had to work together and not
working on different projects, who will never lead to a new-msx generation
and/or Computer.
The above message is  ALSO NOT THE CORRECT WAY IT IS SAID and brought under
the attention of the japanese people and the people who live in Europe.

Already Sunrise invested a little help by working out a standard so that
Megascsi and the Sunrise IDE-interface could use a cd-romdriver, the
development of a 16bit fattable etc. So donot say we have not invested
during several years and no eye for the future.

Everyone who wants to discuss is free to do so !

Rob Hiep
Stichting Sunrise

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