4kb contest.

2000-06-29 16:03:15
Sp, June 29th 2000


Only to say that there is still only 1 week until the deadline for the 4KB
MSX1 Game contest.
( it ends July 7th 2000 )
Several people says there is not time enough.
As the main objetive is to get several MSX1 games, and the best quality
if you (who are programming a game for the contest) think,
we can give an extra week for the contest.

But all programmers must agree.

Please, reply soon, if you need an extra week, or if you want to keep the
current date of July 7th.


        Daniel Zorita.

*Please write to hispamsx(_en_)egroups(_punto_)com or msx(_en_)stack(_punto_)nl 
concurso-4kb(_en_)aamsx(_punto_)org *



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