Fw: After Denyu something.

2000-08-20 19:02:59
Hola a todo obsoleto....
aprovecho para presentarme por aqui....

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Cool YMSsomething and Denyu Land is over.
Since Nishi quitted talking before I arrived, I really don't know what he
was barbling about, but witnesses told me Nishi didn't speak much fun (at
least he did NOT say he'll release real MSX).
I heard Yamashita guy was explaining Intent (sorry, I lied to some people
that the name was "Indent" ^^;), Java-supporting version of Elate, the
OS-running-on-another-OS (but you can also run Intent without other OS)
which owes a lot to technologies of Tao System, the UK corp. Yamashita boy
mentioned, while you can already buy Intent as uptodate Amiga-Linux system,
release detail of Windoze version of Intent is still a mystery at this

Looks someone (I am not going to mention his name but at least he's
Japanese) already owns Intent prototype and is trying to develop MSX
emulator for Intent, such emulator was not disclosed (as I said earlier, I
personally think development is still in very early stage). Given the fact
proper release of Intent from ASCII is still unknown, I cannot predict
whether such "ASCII-official Intent MSX emulator" will be released or not...
that was my impression.
New MSX... nearest thing was Tsujikawa's "hardware-emulated" V9938 which was
plugged in his MSX's cartridges slot. I could play Salamander with it.
Sorry, guys, I couldn't find anything like "homemade MSX3". ^^;

I didn't fail to ask most important question; is ASCII going to release ero
game for Intent? Yamashita initially pretended he did not hear me but I
pushed him so he answered "there is no reason not to". I was relieved. ^^;

As for the other news... I guess a number of chicos now fully acknowledge
why almost all Japanese MSX users know me


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