Re: [hispamsx] work for SCREEN4 define new character

2004-09-05 15:58:57


I have a problem!!, I would do work for SCREEN4 with define new character, but 
without to use OPEN"GRP:"AS#1 and 
PRINT#1, for work with XBASIC-KUN, I would to print the score, high score ect.. 
using VPOKE with a function about MID$ 
or other that I not know.

70 'I=0:SC$=STR$(SC):SC$=MID$(SC$,2,LEN(SC$)-1):REM doesn't work


Forget about strings and write data to ram or vram directly. 
About last mail, the Sprite colour table in SC4 starts at &h1c00 and ends 
&h1dff. You can Vpoke there.


Juan Luis, MsxKun

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