blueMSX 2.0

2004-11-20 05:01:27
Version 2.0 of blueMSX is available ! After 2 months since the last release, 
Daniel Vik and his team reveals the first version with Turbo-R support, 
including PCM support (only the playback part) and Turbo-R SRAM support. MIDI 
support will come in a future version.

At the same time that Turbo-R is supported, the emulator includes a big 
surprise, that is the result of the work of a new developer, Tomas Karlsson, 
the great Spectravideo expert.The almost MSX1 machines SVI-318 and SVI-328 can 
be runned in blueMSX !

Which are the other changes ?
- Fixed timing of the Panasonic Floppy Drive Controller
- Added support for the Western Digital FDC and 4 new mappers : 
National/Daewoo, Philips/Sony, Microsol and SVI-738
- Added new general machines : MSX1 German, MSX1 Swedish, MSX2 Spanish
- Extended the choice for specific machines, including machines without 
- Updated all machines to use an appropriate FDC
- Added mappers for 2 digital-to-analog converters : Konami's Synthesiser, 
- Added support for the MSX-AUDIO DAC
- Added support for the Pause switch
- Added support for external RAM
- Added video frequency selector 
- Added monitor display mode
- Added hotkeys to minimize the emulator and use the Pause key
- Added oversampling feature for MSX-MUSIC, MSX-AUDIO and Moonsound
- Added checkbox to enable/disable priority boosting of the emulator
- Added support for 1 or 2 FDC's (selectable in the machine editor)
- Added Z80/R800 frequency selector in the machine editor
- Added new arguments for the command line 
- Added toggle CPU trace shortcut (to define by advanced users)
- Added the cassette database and updated the rom database
- Fixed differend bugs in the VDP timing
- Fixed a bug in the overflow detection for CPU load
- Rewritten the whole save state feature to allow better backward compatibility 
and include saving of the cassette position
- Extended the themes features with new triggers and actions, support for 
sliders controls, native windows fonts and clips regions to hide the windows 

Last but not least, blueMSX is now completely free from all fMSX sources and 
codes. The team is really happy to propose a mature emulator to the MSX 
community :)

You can find it here : http://www.bluemsx.com

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