blueMSX on Gigamix !

2004-11-26 20:30:01
Take a look at this page :


The Japanese MSX fans seem to really appreciate blueMSX ... and they have found 
some little bugs !


Here's a translation, made by a Japanese that knows English. 

Some parts about the features of blueMSX are skipped 

Title: blueMSX is mind blowing! 
blueMSX one of constantly evolving & improving emulator's new version was 
released on NOV, 20. One of the highlight of this update would be the TR 
support and SVI which was consider an ancestor of MSX1 architecture. (Do I see 
Colecovision?!) Also comes with the usual "rich" virtual emulation environment, 
overlapping with high-spec and reaching it's stabablity to kingdom. Oftenly the 
term "One of the Best" is been heard now & then. 

Athough I am beta tester of "MSXPlayer closed beta", blueMSX is just to hot to 
pass by, so I decided to do a review on it. 

Totally High-Spec! and rich function. 
Compared to other MSX emulator, blueMSX has nothing really lacking matter fact 
it's known to be one of that comes with the most powerful emulator in MSX 
scene. Honestly it's been a while since I saw an emulator that aim for such a 
high quality specification. (I use to think RuMSX was pretty high, although 
while back then.) 

Here are the main features of blueMSX 


Although it's not mentioned in the official listing, the Skin feature is worth 
mentioning. It has a cool design geared toward the design concept, which adds a 
good impression to the emulator. I would hope to see STOP / SELECT / KANA 
/GRAPH keys to be accessible from the skin since, they are easy to locate in 
real MSX but sometimes difficult to figure out on the pc-keys. Maybe for an 
actual usage (programming) which I expect in skin, maybe I'll do it if I have 
to learn theme feature. 

Stableness in Basic programming is quite good to regardless that it's a foreign 
emu. It has a complete JIS compatible key input, also LINE & PAINT doesn't have 
skipping or leaking while drawing, collision detection in VDP that is rarely 
used like ON SPRITE GOSUB also are supported. The timing and calculation is 
very close to an actual MSX, so games that utilize empty FOR~NEXT to control 
timing also works. Also, some reports about MSX-FAN disk doesn't under specific 

One defect I notice right away is that responce on joypad (KEYBOARD) seems a 
bit numb. (In Scale x1 it's not so apparent, so maybe it's due to my machine 
power) Unless there might be some delay which causes the player character 
"sliding" feel in games like shooting. Maybe some faster response should be 

Using blueMSX like MSXPLAYer. 
The purpose of MSXPLAYer is to combine real FDD and MSX GAME READER to use 
actual true media as in real MSX. The concept totally differs from emulator 
that aims itself to total virtual emulation environment. This require blueMSX 
to be adapted a bit inorder to use it as a "real machine". 

This is where DIR as DSK comes handy. 


By using this feature and mounting the root directory on DRIVE A: you can 
actually access FDD directly. (little trick) 
You must also beware that everything must exist as a file format so you can't 
use non-DOS format. 

Other thing to be aware is that under DIR as DSK feature all saved changes is 
not transfered to the directory. (Although saved changes are there so maybe 
information is once saved as a virtual disk and blueMSX is manipulating that??) 
Well anyway, if you're developing an MSX software you have better chance use 
the regular disk image style. I hope it supports writting to the dir, but 
probably very difficult... 

If you try hard enough you can actually obtain bios from MSXPLAYer which can be 
used in blueMSX. If you are worried about the copyrights you can try this 
method, refer to the "FUN MSX emulation & games (Shuwa-system publishing)" 

WANTED: Configuration for the real DUMMIES 
Since I'm an user coming from graphical background, maybe some people wouldn't 
even care or notice this, but I point this out anyways. The video control is 
way to versatile and the default setting causes a color saturation, causing a 
wanted color to show unexpected. If you run a basic program shown in the 
diagram, palette (6,6,6) and(7,7,7) would result as a same colour with no 

This symptom however can be adjusted (fixed) by, setting GAMMA and contrast to 
1.00. By the way default is GAMMA 


The default setting of the sound also has STEREO which will sound different to 
a (usually) MONO environment users. So when BGM played only on PSG may sound as 
it is panned on 3ch. (Although YAMAHA MSX were made that way) It sometimes 
gives different impression of the music itself. 

To emulate the actual feeling of real FDD the access time works like real one. 
Maybe some option to enable/disable the wait state in drive emulation. How 
about an access sound when enable. (lol 

Maybe this is there prefered default value but,to me it sounds a bit geared 
toward core users. Maybe some option to toggle beginners default setting or 
rather a "basic" default setting. 

Despite the game quality, my circle's gamesoft MAGIC LABYRINTH remix would not 
run properly on all MSX emulators. blueMSX v2.0 also comes with the defect so 
I'll point out few examples. 

1) Opening animation (SCREEN3) will not change properly. Most like the palette 
is carried on properly. Maybe the active visual page in SCREEN 3 is lacking. I 
also notice same kind of problem in other creation from my software. 
2) If booted in turbo-R mode, MSXView font would exit but the data doesn't 
causes only blank would be shown. This also causes software that utilise 
MSXView font. Whether the font doesn't exist or way of how things are mapped is 
different in boosted MSX turbo-R, If font data doesn't exist why not not use 
dummy rom file which is rather friendly. 
3) after Staff scroll(screen6 interlace) which brings back to the opening, 
GIGAMIX logo (screen5), seems like the back screen is still been shown in 
interlace. Need of setting the visual page to the odd number after screen3 is 
required to show real interlace mode properly. (The way real msx works) blueMSX 
seems to always working in interlace mode. 

Great possibility of fixing bugs! Expectations for the future 
At this point we already notice the potential and quality of blueMSX, and it 
expects to support Sunrise Game Reader in near future. (How about ASCII'S 
version?) It is probably the closest emu to actually consider itself as "MSX 
contents player". I'm looking for what blueMSX may bring in the future. 

Also thanks for linking to my site.

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