blueMSX 2.1 and blueMSX Launcher 1.1

2004-12-24 16:42:40
See X'mas time in blue !:)

The blueMSX team comes with two surprises for X'mas and hopes that all MSX fans will enjoy them :

- first surprise is version 2.1 of blueMSX with support for the ColecoVision console, that can be viewed as a MSX1 prototype

- second surprise is version 1.1 of the blueMSX Launcher, developed by Sam Elsharif ; this version has a great manual and the launcher can scan all your disks to create 2 databases, one for the games and one for the programs or applications.

Other new features of blueMSX 2.1 are mainly bugfixes. Here's the complete list :

- Added support for disabling real floppy drive timing
- Added selection for enabling/disabling saving configuration in Windows registry
- Improved disk metric detection
- Updated machines, including one with the brand new C-BIOS 0.19
- Fixed bug that caused returning from A1 internal software back to VShell to fail.
- Fixed bug in the Panasonic Rom Mapper that made FS-A1WSX machines crash
- Fixed bug in the VDP Command engine that made graphics corrupt in Eidolon
- Fixed Screen 3 rendering bug
- Fixed Interlace bug in GigaMix game
- Fixed bug in PSG that made notes hang in Sex Bomb Bunny
- Fixed mouse bug in ROM disk magazines
- Fixed bug in PCM playback that made some samples to be played too slow
- Fixed bug in file associations that did not update associations for newly installed versions of the emulator - Fixed bug in Cassette Auto Rewind that made rewind fail when a cassette from the history was selected
- Fixed bug in cas and caszip arguments for the command line
- Fixed bug that made the casinfo directory not created correctly
- Fixed bug in R800 frequency selector list
- Fixed bug in Cassette saving that added trash at the end of the file
- Fixed bug in Drag & Drop that made files with spaces sometimes fail

You can find the emulator here : http://www.bluemsx.com

To get the launcher, you must go to the Resource page of the blueMSX site.

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