blueMSX 2.2

2005-03-19 00:20:46
Version 2.2 of blueMSX is available !

This version enhances the high level of flexibility of the emulator by 
- addition of a keyboard editor
- introduction of a plugin structure that allows to add external program 
(dll's) : debugger and trainer capacities come under this form with the 
- developing of a multi-page interface with system infos, audio mixer, video 
settings and virtual keyboard
- intern changes for the soundchips emulation that makes possible support for 
multiple simultaneous chips
- support for selectable video resolution in fullscreen mode

As announced with the openMSX 0.5.1 release, blueMSX shares now with openMSX a 
rom database in an improved updatable new format, that is not compatible with 
the blueMSX launcher version 1.2. For a limited period, the old format will 
still be supported.

Which are the other changes ?
- Updated C-BIOS to version 0.20
- Replaced the FM-PAC cartridge in all generic MSX2 machines by the MSX2+ FM 
chip and the PAC cartridge
- Added a generic MSX2 machine with only the PSG soundchip
- Changed the special machines to make them closer to the real machines (the 
only exception is 512 Kb RAM in all MSX2, MSX2+ and Turbo-R machines) 
- Added a new mapper for the Dutch and Korean MSX-MUSIC cartridges
- Added support for the Sony HBI55 cartridge 
- Added complete support for the SVI-328 Floppy Drive Controller 
- Added autodetection of video source and support for the SVI-806 video card 
(80 columns - CRTC6845) ; this feature is also a step for future GFX9000 
- Added support for 192kB VRAM in the V9958 VDP chip 
- Improved the Disable Floppy Drive Timing feature
- Added the amber monitor type 
- Added support for the Hq2x scaler (and the Hq3x scaler if the emulator runs 
in fullscreen mode and at least the resolution 1024 x 768)
- Added the RF-Modulator effect 
- Improved the filtering for SCC, MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO 
- Added support for parallel and serial ports 
- Added preview of the save states
- Added support for the .col files, used for the ColecoVision cartridges
- Fixed different bugs (PSG sounds, save states, MSX-AUDIO initialisation, loss 
of performance when using menus)
- Fixed sprite bug in Dragon Quest 2 (the title is now displayed correctly) 
You can find this emulator here : http://www.bluemsx.com

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