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2005-08-20 05:45:51
On 19/08/05, fabio_dias <fabioaed(_en_)gmail(_punto_)com> wrote:
Alguien que sabe japonés podría ayudarme con estos textos:

    I was born in Brasil, I'm speaking in english, to a spanish
mailing list, about a japanese game. You gotta love the internet.

5つの ぞうをあつめ
ひがしのはての いえに ゆけ。
Collect five bowls and go to an house at the east extremity.

じゃんぐる には せきぞう
に まつわる いいつたにが ある。
There is a legend about an stone idol in the jungle.

ほんどうに はいるには
けさが ひつよう。
Entrance to the temple is only on the morning.

4. same as 1

きょうこくの たきのそばに
ひみつの いいぐちがある。
There is a secret near the waterfall of the canyon.

    (there may be errors, japanese without kanji is really ambiguous
without proper context, and it's been ages since I played jagur).

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