MSX Solutions : First 2006 big update

2006-03-17 16:52:57
MSX Solutions : First 2006 big update

The populair website MSX Solutions, that contains many useful maps 
and walkthroughs of MSX games, has been updated for the first time 
in 2006.

It is a big update with the complete walthrough of Castle Excellent, 
released by Ascii in 1986, a very hard game with enemies to avoid 
and puzzles to solve. Actually, it's the sequel of The Castle with 
more difficult rooms.

Also the map of this game has been added on MSX Solutions. 7 other 
maps come at the same time on this website :
- Mythos (Opera Soft, 1989)
- Dustin (Dinamic, 1987)
- Abu Simbel Profanation (Dinamic, 1986)
- Phantomas II (Dinamic, 1987)
- Future Knight (Gremlin, 1986)
- Green Beret (Konami, 1986)
- The Palace Of Death (Falcon, 1989)


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