2006-04-17 13:52:24
And there it is, for the fourth year in a row: MSXdev, the annual 
MSX1 game development contest that took the MSX community by 
surprise. After a slow start, MSXdev'04 resulted in 16 new MSX1 
games, whilst MSXdev'05 even surpassed that success with 21 brand 
new MSX games for the whole community to enjoy. Now, the time has 
come for MSXdev'06!. 

Previously organised by Eduardo Robsy, the MSXDEV contest is now 
organised by a team composed of 3 MSX fans : Jon Cortazar (aka 
viejo_archivero), Sjoerd Lammertsma (aka BodyHammeR) and myself, 
Benoît Delvaux (aka mars2000you). 

The new MSXdev website contains a lot of information (and downloads) 
of the previous editions of the competition. In short, these are the 
rules for MSXdev'06: 

- Games have to be supplied as .ROM files and can be up to 128KB in 
size. Of course, smaller games are allowed as well 
- All games should be 100% compatible with the first generation of 
MSX computers, being an MSX1 with 16kB RAM and 16kB VRAM. The games 
should also work on MSX2, MSX2+ and turboR computers 
- It is allowed to use additional hardware like SCC, MSX-MUSIC, 
GFX9000, R800 et cetera. This time those add-ons will be taken into 
account when judging the entries, even giving them extra points! 
- Although original game concepts are preferred, remakes and ports 
will be accepted 
- Games have to be completed before December 31st, 2006 

So, for now, people can start developing their MSXdev'06 entries 
and -like in previous editions- sponsors are free to contact the 
MSXdev team for offering new parallel contests, following the same 
sponsorship system we saw on the last edition. At the moment there 
is only one nice prize to be won: a Panasonic FS-A1GT MSX turboR 

Developers: you have more than 8 months left to develop your games 
so you have no excuses. Happy developing, and good luck! 


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