MSXdev'06 8th entry and 1st finished game : Operation Wolf

2006-07-24 19:36:26
n full summer heat, there's no rest for the MSXdev' team as we are
proud to present you the first finished game for the 2006 edition of
this great contest : a full MSX conversion of a Spectrum game released
by Taito in 1987.

Not only this version is better than the poor port made by Ocean in
1988, as it uses all the MSX capabilities, but this version detects
also if your machine or emulator has external or internal MSX-MUSIC
and can therefore enhance also the musical experience !

Enjoy this conversion made by the TOYBOX team

Tip for blueMSX users : add manually the rom file in a cartridge slot
and select the 'mirrored rom' mapper type. The game will be added
later to the blueMSX database.


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