MSXdev'06 news

2006-11-02 12:14:45
Karoshi Corporation, one of the most active developers team, has
revealed his 2d entry to the MSXdev'06 contest : Speedjet Racers, a
running game with futuristic design.

It will be their 11th production in 4 years, a proof that they are
never sleeping, but are constantly promoting the fun of playing and
developing MSX1 games !

Their first entry to MSXdev'06 is Malaika - Prehistoric Quest.




2 months before the deadline of the MSXdev'06 contest, a second game
has been finished : Traffic Jam, a puzzle game created by Imanok, a
well-known Spanish developer, who is the author of many other MSX
games : Rolling Thunder, Final Bout, Bubble Rain, Cat 'n Mouse and
more ...

In Traffic Jam, you must guide a car to the exit by moving away the
other vehicles blocking the way. A simple concept for an addictive
game that will surely get your attention for some time.

MSXdev'06 website : http://msxdev.msxblue.com/

Imanok website : http://www.imanok.cjb.net/

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