Penguin Cafe

2006-11-05 14:20:40
For the first time in the MSXdev' history, a French team of MSX
developers has created a brand new game that will give much fun to all
MSX fans : Penguin Cafe.

In this pretty game, you must try to guide a little penguin in his
first day as a waiter. He must serve beer to his - famous - MSX
clients, in a similar way of the classic game Tapper, but with an
interesting twist, as you must take care of a power-meter in order to
throw the beer in the exact place the client is !

The name of the game is the association between the nickname (Penguin)
used by one of the MSX Café website's creators and the name of this
website (MSX Café) that has become Passion MSX since one month.


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