MSX Walkthroughs

2007-08-01 22:06:42
August 2007 begins in full force : a new Spanish website, dedicated to
the MSX games, has appeared on the msxblue.com domain, that was
already hosting Knightmare Saga, MSXdev', MSX Maps, MSX Neon Nights,
MSX Solutions, MSX Valley and Nemesis Webworld.

The goal of Teo López del Castillo, creator of MSX Walkthroughs, is to
help you to finish some difficult Japanese games, especially because
there's the language barrier.

The website starts with many explanations about the following games :
- Jesus (Enix, 1987)
- Kubikiri Yakata (Bit2, 1989)
- Psy-O-Blade (T&E Soft, 1988)
- Rune Worth (T&E Soft, 1990)

Enjoy the (re-)discovery of these games !


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