blueMSX 2.7.1

2007-12-14 16:29:13
A new version of the well-known blueMSX emulator is available ! This
time, the emulator comes with the support of the most complex mapper,
the Halnote mapper, also used by the firmware of the MSX2+ Sony
HB-F1XDJ and HB-F1XV machines. In all cases, the rom needs to be
combined with the system disk(s) that come with Halnote or the Sony

Another amazing innovation is the support for the Forte II games
arcade board, a Brazilian creation that launchs the Knightmare game in
a slightly modified version. As on the real board, you need to insert
a coin by pressing on the "C" key and to run the game by pressing the
joystick button.

Which are the other changes ?
- added support for Arkanoid pad
- added the Ciel Expert 3 IDE machine
- added 165 new game cheats
- reduced SCC volume to conform with an average MSX machine
- fixed screen 6 sprite collision timing bug
- fixed properties bug when canceling the Properties dialog
- fixed bug in Konami mapper that made non standard size roms not run
- Rom name in machine config dialog can now be edited in the text field
- fixed minor SCC timing issue
- fixed PSG volume initialization in ColecoVision
- fixed joystick initialization in ColecoVision
- minor bugfixes in Yamaha SFG05 emulation

You can find this emulator here : http://www.bluemsx.com

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