blueMSX 2.8

2008-06-08 12:35:03
A new version of the great emulator blueMSX is available !

This version comes with more accuracy
- in all Panasonic computers as it has support for the FS-A1FM
machine, the FS-A1WX and FS-A1WSX firmware mapper and the DRAM mode in
MSXturboR machines;
- in all specific machines : correct RAM size, no CAS patch on the BIOS;
- by supporting 3 new mappers used in some games : Manbow 2, Matra INK
and Jaleco Moero!! Nettou Yakyuu '88 with sample player.

It comes also with an extended manual :
-  infos about specific machines with internal or external firmware;
-  improvements in other parts of the manual.

Which are the other changes ?

- added support for Ark-A-Noah copy protected disks
- zeplaced SN76489 emulation
- updated support for TC8566AF Disk Controller
- updated machine structure
- added 2 new generic machines : MSX1 Estonian and MSX2 Estonian 
- updated some generic MSX1 machines (no keyboard repeat bug)
- updated all specific machines to use MESS file names when it's possible
- added Catalonian translation
- added Russian translation
- added current machine and currently inserted media information to
the Classic theme titlebar
- fixed DigiBlue Suite theme thinking a cartridge or disk was still
present after ejecting it
- fixed DirectSound bug that happened on constant intervals depending
on sound buffer size
- added ejectMediaOnExit setting. If enabled, all media are ejected
when exiting blueMSX
- added MSX keyboard matrix quirk emulation, eg. pressing X+Z+J
results in X+Z+H+J
- fixed cassette rewind after insert setting
- fixed horizontal scroll in lower screenmodes
- fixed 512 pixel width screen modes having a width of 511
- fixed small bug with MSX1 VDP address writes
- fixed audio mixer knobs being one notch to the left
- fixed MoonSound FM 4-op bug
- fixed many resource leaks, most notably in the debugger
- fixed ColecoVision RAM initialization bug
- added 75ms setting for soundbuffer size (step from 50 to 100 was a
bit too big) 

You can find this emulator here : http://www.bluemsx.com

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